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Splash Tents, Inc. is a TX based promotional products company that serves non-profit organizations across the nation. Some of our non-profit clients include BLOODWORKS, UNITED WAY, BE THE DIFFERENCE FOUNDATION, WADE SMITH FOUNDATION, JUMPING UP FOR DOWNSYNDROME, SWEET PATINA supporting Alzheimer’s, RACE CANCER FOUNDATION and HEART SUPPORT. Our pop-up tents and table covers come in handy for these non-profits in a variety of settings; to raise awareness, funds and promote their causes. 

Here are some common examples: Baylor Scott and White and emergency centers such as Altus Emergency use our EZ Up tents and canopies for their community outreach events, information booths, donation drives as well as for their fundraising events. 

Marathons, charity runs, and bike races often utilize 10×10 pop up tents to provide shade for registration booths, volunteer areas and rest stops for participants. Look at the image below of RACE CANCER FOUNDATION in Boston, Massachusetts at a 5k event with their 10×10 Premium Splash Pop Up Tents as well as some 6ft digitally printed table covers. They have been using these tents for over 7+ years now and counting. 

You will also find our logo tents at fairs, festivals, and street fairs to showcase their work, distribute informational materials, and connect with potential donors and volunteers. Check out BE THE DIFFERENCE FOUNDATION in Dallas, TX at one of their community outreach programs to break the silence on ovarian cancer. 

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Other than an outdoor or an indoor event pop up tent, Splash Tents also sells trade show kits, trade show backdrops and all kinds of trade show supplies for any event. A 10×10 trade show backdrop designed and produced by Splash Tents can work wonders for non-profit organizations. For e.g. look at a trade show display created for Sons of the Flag Burn Foundation, Dallas, TX is dedicated to helping burn survivors. You will also see their 10×10 Splash pop up event tent out in the sun at a sporting event educating the public about their mission and services. 

Our client Blood Works in the Pacific Northwest region – both Washington and Oregon locations created multiple logo EZ pop up tents from Splash Tents, Inc. for their donation drives. Our branded pop-up tents created a dedicated space to allow for convenient collection of blood, drop offs as well as assist in disaster relief efforts or other volunteer-driven activities. Our 10×10 event tents, custom printed 10-foot back drops and logo table covers came in handy to serve as a central meeting point for volunteers, providing a shaded area for registration, task assignment, and briefings. 

In addition to tents, table covers are another valuable tool for non-profits. Our promotional displays can be used to:

  • Enhance brand recognition by displaying the non-profit’s logo and colors.
  • Protect tables from weather elements and spills.
  • Create a professional presentation for informational displays or brochures.
  • Promote upcoming events or campaigns.

By utilizing custom pop-up tents and table covers effectively, non-profit organizations can significantly increase their image, generate interest in their cause, and ultimately achieve their fundraising and outreach goals.

These are just a few examples of how Splash Tents, Inc. has helped leading non-profit organizations elevate their marketing efforts.

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